Lang Park Basketball Celebrates 50 years
July 2013
Lang Park Basketball Celebrates 50 Years

What a great night this was and how wonderful to catch up with old friends, some we haven’t seen for over 40 years but when you see one another the years just drift away.

We have a few more wrinkles, maybe a few extra pounds around the middle, spectacles but these quickly disappear as we reminisce about those exciting times when we were young, full of fun, no aches or pains and the world held so many promises.

Over a hundred Golden Oldies enjoyed a great meal and excellent company on the night.

Mr Bob Young, one of the founding fathers, told of the formation of Lang Park Basketball 1961. Two teams competing in the Brisbane Competition ‘B’ grade fixtures were Qld Postal Institute (coached by Vince Hickey) and Centurions

(Coached by Leo Maloney) they amalgamated to field an ‘A’grade team in the Brisbane Competition under the newly form Lang Park Basketball Club.

The Club entered Brisbane Basketball 1962, with Leo Maloney as President, Vince Hickey as Head Coach, and Bob Young as Secretary and Team Manager.

The original ‘A’ grade team comprised Wally Lewis, still a current member on the PCYC Management Committee, John Loundes, Jeff Zerner and Bernie Jones from Centurions, with Bob Heggie, Gary Handran, present at the dinner, John Dhu and Bernie Hankins from QPI

Lenore (Lorby) Lowndes then spoke of the formation of the Women first ‘A’ grade team coached by Wally Lewis. The Ashgrove Methodist Ladies and QPI ladies amalgamated to field this team. They were Denise and Lenore Loundes, Margaret Gordon, Dianna Stitt and Key Cooper, all present at the dinner, from Ashgrove Methodist, and from QPI Lorraine and Dawn Sonder and Judy Johnson.

Terry O’Donovan then gave us his view of the Club during those early years. You all know Terry and how colourful he can be, poor Bob Young got a roasting which he took very well, lesser people would have got their nickers in a knot.  Many laughs and memories flooded back when we were reminded of the carnivals, pub crawls and fund raising events that arose over those early years.

Barb de Bont was the final speaker. Well the new club President, Sue Jarvis was to be but said later “how on earth can you follow Barbara”? All jokes aside Barb gave us a spiel on how strong and influential some of our past women had been and how they strongly influencedBrisbane women’s playing style. It was very interesting and all the women were delighted to listen to her, but after the heckling from the O’Donovan table Barb refused to do part 2 of her talk, after dinner. She was later to be found singing, with a number of youngies lead by Terry, the old Park songs and all was forgiven.  Great fun and of course the harmony was woeful.

I took photos on the night and apologise if I missed any of you, it wasn’t intentional, but it was your fault really as some of you didn’t sit still for long.

A great night and from the response I had after, you all appeared to have enjoyed yourselves.

Keep well and happy until next time. Love,  Jill Lewis


To view photos of the reunion dinner please click here