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Ju Jitsu

Philosophy and methodology concepts of yin and yang are very important in the basic philosophy. Ju Jitsu is a defensive art. Students are taught to let the attack come to them and use their opponent's momentum against them. Defence includes some kicks and punches but mostly involves throws and holds, designed to immobilise an attacker. The throws and grappling from Ju Jitsu form the basis of Judo. 


These programs are suitable for junior students from five years of age. They improve coordination, balance and confidence. It provides the student with protective behaviours that help avoid violent situations, light defenses from nonviolent situations and effective responses to assault.


Senior students from sixteen years of age are also involved in training at Police Youth Clubs. Ju Jitsu, with its control and restraint techniques appeals highly to all those who are aware of the importance of defence within legal and moral boundaries. Control techniques where pain is scientifically applied can regulate the amount of force used. The use of tactically correct and proportionate force techniques can protect you legally.


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