Tiny totsTiny totsTiny tots
Tiny tots
  • Babies to Walkers
  • Walkers to 2yrs
  • Climbers (2yrs-5yrs)

Tiny Tots is a co-educational program aimed at supporting and improving motor abilities, self confidence and coordination by utilising safe, stimulating and challenging equipment in a structured environment. Tiny Tots is a place where children are given the opportunity to explore and develop their physical potential. Children are encouraged to attempt activities by observing other children in action with their parents/care givers. Classes encourage social interaction - making friends, learning to take turns - and help develop listening skills.

Our classes are now being run by the talented team from Danibelle's Musicadium!!


The primary occupation of children is to learn all they can about the world. Play is an important tool employed to master and conveys that learning.

The Tiny Tots classes provide the opportunity for children to follow a different course and encounter different playmates each time she or he uses the centre with there parent/care giver. The provision of such a choice and flexibility means a new experience every time. No matter what skill level your child is at, Tiny Tots provides a fun friendly environment for the children to grow and progress in.

A typical session involves group time with musical instruments, hula hoops, balls, obstacle course, scarves, movement or dancing and much more.

The modern child has many ways of seeking and finding stimulation. Television, video games and hi-tech toys are at many children's fingertips. With so much electronic entertainment available in the home environment, a trip to Lang Park PCYC offers something different to children.

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All coaches are accredited