Vision and mission statement


‘Police-Citizens Youth Clubs – Improving Communities Through Youth Development’

Mission Statement

Police-Citizens Youth Clubs - in Partnership with the Government, Community and Business – achieving

Excellence in Youth Development through the provision of Recreational, Sporting, Cultural and Welfare Programs.


  • Youth Development
  • Quality and integrity
  • Partnerships
  • Commitment to development
  • Equality and fairness
  • Commitment to founding principles


  • Loyal, motivated staff and volunteers
  • Queensland Police Service Support
  • Management infrastructure
  • Community and Government support
  • Availability of facilities, resources and services
  • State-wide network


  • Youth and families
  • Members
  • Employees and volunteers
  • Schools
  • Government
  • Service Clubs
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Queensland Police Service
  • Community Associations


1. Youth Development

1.1 Provide diverse opportunities for the development of youth

1.2 Establishment of effective Youth Management Teams in PCYCs


2.1 Appropriate and affordable Sport and Recreational programs for young people, families and the community.

2.2 Improve communities through proactive partnerships and PCYC programs

3. Promotions

3.1 Increased profile of the Association and creation of greater awareness of its activities.

4. Corporate Services

4.1 Provision of administrative, financial, information management and human resource management, education and training services required to support quality services to the community.

4.2 Provision of quality facilities that meet the needs of the community